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June 28 2016

We are a team of highly trained professionals with 10 years experience in tree removal services in both the business and residential community where we also offer liability insurance in case of any damage to our customer's property.


At Pro Tree Removal Melbourne, our focus mainly lies in our customers and their particular need and also ensuring that we provide professional, safe and environmental services that will surely leave you with a happy smile on your face.


Our services include but are not limited to:

**Emergency Storm Damage
**Tree Removal-Tree Relocation
**Tree Pruning and Maintenance
**Tree Mulching
**Palm Tree removal/Cleaning
**Tree Lopping
**Stump Grinding


At Pro Tree Removal Melbourne, our services are offered in the following areas but are not limited to:

**Tree removal Melbourne Northern suburbs
**Tree removal Melbourne Eastern Suburbs
**Tree removal Melbourne Western Suburbs
**Tree removal Melbourne Southern Suburbs

Contact Pro Tree Removal Melbourne for a no obligation consultation where we will discuss your needs and present you with a competitive quote for your project. When quality and professionalism matter to you, choose the number one qualified arborist and let us show you the difference today!
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